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Austin, Texas: Town Lake Animal Control (TLAC)

This page offers independent information about Town Lake Animal Control in Austin, Texas.

Shelter Reform has been involved with TLAC for years in various capacities. Given some significant changes now in the winds, we are opting to begin providing details of the evolving situation here in Austin, Texas. Stand by as this page develops!

We will be putting the bulk of our Austin coverage on our new AustinBlog page to allow for spirited discussion as we at Shelter Reform both watch -- and participate in -- Austin's transition from a traditional high-kill shelter to the largest No Kill open-admissions shelter in the United States.

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New AustinBlog August 2011

To open up discussion of the triumphs and tribulations with Austin's ongoing transition to becoming the nation's largest No Kill city, we've started a new blog page. See AUSTINBLOG at the left side of our page and join the discussion!

94% Live Outcome July 2011

Austin has been averaging 90% live outcome rates since the beginning of the year, but with kitten season in full swing and sweltering summer heat, the expectation was for those numbers to contract. To the surprise of the naysayers, July was Austin's best month ever: a true 94% live outcome rate, one of the best in the country!

A large contingent of rescue groups (90+) have a part to play in this, and several are quite large and are carrying a lot of the water for Austin's Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC).

The new shelter director, Abigail Smith, is that crucial "11th part of the No Kill Equation" -- a creative, compassionate director dedicated to saving lives. While her first months have not been problem-free, on balance more good, constructive things have been happening on her watch. Considering how many naysayers wish her to fail in her mission, her commitment to the animals is something we should all support wholeheartedly.