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Good Shelters

Good Shelters - a listing by state



Tri-County Animal Rescue Center, Inc. This group is mentioned prominently on our Support Page and focuses its efforts on the region south and west of Macon, including Fort Benning. More information coming soon!

Henry County Humane Society works with the Henry County Animal Care and Control and local rescue groups in a model cooperative partnership.

Fulton County Animal Services is managed by Barking Hound Village Foundation, Inc. Barking Hound is a Georgia nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. They are under contract with Fulton County to provide animal care and control services through Fulton County Animal Services. Their mission is to save the lives of lost, abandoned and unwanted pets in Fulton County. They encourage on and off-site adoptions, work closely with rescue groups, and assist owners in locating lost pets.

Editor's notes:

We want Macon Animal Control to make this list soon, and continue rising to the top as a great shelter! As of this writing (March 2010), indications are it's heading in that direction. Increased PR, facility mods, and a growing number of volunteers (with the associated increase in public scrutiny) have created an atmosphere in which improvements are real enough that some local rescuers traditionally at odds with the Shelter have acknowledged them. There still are yet-to-be-resolved issues in Macon (e.g., the Internal Affairs Investigation into specific abuses occurring as recently as Spring 2009, etc.), but credit where credit is due: Macon destroyed its gas chamber ahead of schedule last April and is improving at a significant pace.

Information previously posted about Baldwin County was determined to be dated and no longer accurate.

Spalding County Animal Shelter was removed from this list after reliable sources reported Spalding still operates its gas chamber. (Click here to read the press release announcing the closing of the Spalding County gas chamber in 2009.) No animal shelter that uses a gas chamber can be considered a good or even improving shelter. Although Spalding fell to the lowest ranking possible because of their use of a gas chamber, we remain encouraged by staff who work hard to decrease kill rate by moving as many animals as possible out of the shelter through adoptions, fosters and transfers. Spalding's attractive website provides links to coordinating sites created by rescue groups (Spalding Dogs, Saving Spalding Pets) that show animals currently on death row and their kill dates. It also offers links to local rescue groups who foster animals for adoption, and provides information to dissuade people from thoughtlessly surrendering their pets. It's also significant that photos of Spalding's animals show their pens and animals are clean and dry, and there is always only one animal per pen (unless the animals are companions). We look forward to adding Spalding back to the good shelters list after they have DESTROYED their gas chamber so it can never be used again by anyone.



Otsego County Animal Shelter (Gaylord, Michigan)* is staffed with compassionate individuals who work hard to give the animals the highest quality of life until adoption. They keep the facility clean and free of toxic chemicals and cleaning agents. Volunteers help care for the animals on a daily basis. Animal control officers answer animal abuse calls in a timely manner - they don't wait until it's too late. Animals who are not adopted are placed on a local farm.

*We're grateful to Ms. Courtney Boeck for bringing this shelter to our attention. Ms. Boeck volunteered at this shelter for a few months and reports that although the shellter is small, the staff (who are hoping to upgrade to a bigger place if the city will allow it), are committed to the No Kill philosophy.



Brazos Animal Shelter works with the City of College Station Animal Control in a model cooperative partnership.

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Share your experience at a good animal shelter, whether it’s run by a city or by a private* (non-taxpayer-funded) organization

Please write us to tell us about good shelters you've dealt with and why they should be listed here:

*"Private" shelters exist where a privately owned and operated organization (as opposed to tax-funded) has responsibility for handling animal control, sheltering and/or adoptions for one or more municipalities. In some cases, intake of animals is necessarily a function of government, but cooperative partnerships with private groups (whether for-profit or non-profit) often make the animal care and adoption process more successful.