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Robeson County Animal Control

This page offers independent information about how animals are treated at the Robeson County Animal Shelter. If you are looking to surrender, reclaim, adopt or rescue an animal at the Robeson shelter, you will find the information on this page helpful but you must visit the Official Robeson County Animal Shelter website.

This page will evolve as eyewitness testimony is verified and prepared for posting. Stay tuned for information about what you can do to help.

When Shelter Reform receives a request for help regarding an animal shelter, we ascertain the facts first. All eyewitness testimony is kept strictly confidential; we do not publicize eyewitness testimony without the express permission of the witness. We are cautious not to make any public statements about an animal shelter or shelter staff unless we have evidence to back them up and/or they can be verified by eyewitnesses willing to stand behind their claims. Anonymous reports cannot be considered as anything more than hearsay and are therefore worthless to help the animals. Anonymous reports and false statements work only to hurt the cause and hinder reform efforts.

If you have been a visitor to the Robeson County Animal Shelter in St. Pauls, NC, or if you have witnessed Robeson County's animal control officers in action, your input - positive or negative - would be greatly appreciated. You may contact Shelter Reform and either talk with us or we can put you in touch with individuals working in your area. Any concerns and testimony shared with Shelter Reform will be kept strictly confidential unless you give us permission to share it.

Things are improving and will continue to improve for America's shelter animals ONLY because of the courage of eyewitnesses willing to risk all to bring the heartbreaking facts to light where they can finally be properly dealt with and remedied. Most often truth telling must be done publicly before local officials and politicians will come on board to support needed improvements.

As has been well-stated by one survivor of human atrocities, the only thing that hurts worse than the abuse is the silence of the bystander.

If you are a witness to animal mistreatment and/or abuse of any kind anywhere, please don't hesitate to share what you know with someone who can aid the victim(s).

Keep checking back with us regarding this shelter!

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Why did the Robeson County shelter come up on our radar?

On March 23, 2010 Shelter Reform received a report about egregious animal abuses taking place at this shelter. Several more reports have been received since that time. Concerned parties are currently working to confirm the reports and remedy the situation. We will provide updates as it becomes expedient and we have permissions needed to do so.