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We've recently moved city-specific action items under their respective cities. This page will be dedicated to laying out general principles for initiating reforms at a deficient shelter. We will be providing the key steps that concerned citizens need to take to get changes rolling at their local facilities -- what to do, what to avoid, what's important, what's not, and what's crucial.

We are developing this important material and intend to post it as soon as possible.

Under development. Come back soon.


While we're developing this new page, we wish to leave you with a couple of important insights.

First, eyewitnesses who refuse to go on record simply frustrate the process of reforming a bad shelter. Whether they intend to or not, their refusal to testify to authorities (whether out of fear of retaliation or lockout or other reasons) guarantees the status quo. There is no easy way out - cruelty and abuse will never be overcome with either silence or unsubstantiated claims. Our intention is to help those who are ready to speak out do so effectively.

Second, infighting between animal lovers, even when it's done in the name of the animals, is a huge impediment to correcting bad shelter situations. Directors of deficient shelters always win when their opposition becomes fragmented and splintered, and the animals continue to suffer at their hands. We have to decide who we're supporting. When we work together, we are strong and can accomplish change for the animals. When we insist on working independently from one another, we are weak and the animals remain at the mercy of the status quo.