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Remembering the Victims

Rescue Groups in Georgia

Much needed comic relief

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We can make a difference!
The status quo is NOT inevitable. We CAN make things better. To bring the change we want so badly, we MUST keep our wits about us. Emotionalism and sensationalism might make us feel better, but it will NOT help the animals. So, stay cool and work SMART.

Although we accept no money or donations (never have) and are completely non-commercial in all that we do, our merely mentioning any non-profit group that does accept charitable donations supposedly constitutes commercial intent on our part (what a bizarre legal twist!). Consequently, we've removed all such links on this site to retain journalistic independence and a purely non-commercial orientation based on this peculiar aspect of internet law.

We cannot even recommend books here, no matter how valuable and even crucial they are, due to this circumstance. This is all the more surprising given how many books we've donated at our own cost to the city(ies) in question where this issue has arisen (about $500 worth). We can give these books away, we just can't tell you what book it was that we gave away (that would reveal, by some bizarre twist of legal theorizing, "commercial intent").

We regret that this Links page has been gutted due to these bizarre circumstances, and otherwise wonderful resources we'd have wished you to know about are no longer available here at Shelter Reform. Perhaps one day that valuable information can be restored to this site, but we see no current alternative but to remove all of it for now (and perhaps permanently).

We have retained some links (e.g., the link to Stop Gassing Texas Pets) that may still contain a YOU CAN HELP section IF that section doesn't solicit donations but only makes legislative and other recommendations to the reader -- such content does not constitute commercial intent.

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Gas Chambers

For an even-handed discussion of carbon monoxide gas chambers by Merritt Clifton (Animal People Online, Oct. '06), search the internet for it. We cannor provide the link because that site accepts donations, which means that providing you with the link would constitute evidence of "commercial intent" on our part. Hard to believe, yet true.

The article is still A MUST READ and worth hunting down.

After writing her important article that provides the facts about gas chambers, Nicole Sica commented:"It has been an eye-opening, heartbreaking journey."

The Animal Law Coalition has posted the following informed assessments of gas chambers.

Gas Chambers: A History and Overview

If there's no suffering, why do you need a soundproof room?

Why the 2000 AVMA Euthanasia Report DOES NOT Support the Use of Animal Gas Chambers

Call On The AVMA To Condemn The Use Of Animal Gas Chambers

StopGassingTexasPets provides a wealth of information and links including the following:

  • A list of cities in Texas that gas shelter animals
  • A discussion of gas chambers versus lethal injection, with cost comparison

Eyewitness accounts that expose the reality of gas chamber operations:

Animal Control Officer Linda Cordry's Story (after clicking the link, scroll down)

Macon City Councilman Rabbi Larry Schlesinger's Story

Verified stories of dogs who have survived carbon monoxide gas chambers:


Amazing Grace

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Lethal Injection vs Gas Chamber

Though usually more "humane" method of killing than gas chambers, lethal injections do NOT automatically guarantee less suffering.

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Sadly, no state in America has developed the legislation needed to secure humane treatment for shelter animals. A non-profit entity that we cannot mention (without invoking the specter of "commercial intent") ahs developed a template act for animal protection. We wish we could provide the link, but we no longer can do so without being accused of "commercial intent" on this website (because they accept donations!).

We cannot mention yet another agency that works to stop animal cruelty and suffering through legislation, administrative agency action, and litigation and offers legal analysis of the issues relating to animals. Why not? Because mentioning them, or providing a link to their site, constitutes "commercial intent" by some twist of legal logic. Their site provides current information regarding legislation in all fifty states.

The following states have legislation pending to end the use of gas chambers:


Sadly, we've had to remove several links here due to the possibility they might be conceived as representing "commercial intent" on our part at Shelter Reform. The following links are the only ones that don't appear to run afoul of this legal definition:

Georgia laws protecting animals:

The Georgia Department of Agriculture and its Office of Animal Protection provide the following laws already on the books, though they are not yet adequately enforcing them.

Georgia Animal Protection Act

Georgia Animal Protection Rules

Georgia Animal Cruelty Criminal Provisions



Becoming the 18th state in the nation prohibiting the destruction of animals via gas chamber, New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, signed legislation into law on Monday, April 6th, banning forever the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers for the purpose of killing pets at animal shelters. “There is a more humane way to euthanize pets and we have to enforce this,” Richardson said at a news conference on the outskirts of Santa Fe. (from Gassing the Conscience of Texas, Nicole Sica)






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Remembering the Victims

If I Could Speak. This hopeful video encourages adoption of shelter animals and spay/neuter of dogs and cats.

Gone But Not Forgotten. An sad but important memorial created by Shelter Rescue, Inc. These sweet faces remind us all why we work so hard to change the current status quo.

In animal shelter story, a very sad and graphic film NOT recommended for those who are already aware of the plight of shelter animals and working to promote the No Kill paradigm.

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Rescue Groups in Georgia

Due to the fact that any group we might mention here could theoretically accept donations (while we ourselves do not accept donations), we have had to remove all such references so that this site cannot be alleged to be operating out of any perceived "commercial intent."


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Much Needed Comic Relief

"We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting serious!

CAUTION: Use discernment

When it comes to background information regarding gas chambers, we are not able to endorse the accuracy of every point being reported.

Some vested interests are blowing smoke about how humane a gas chamber death is, how long the process takes, what the circumstances of the animals are inside the chamber during the gassing, and the physical side effects that animals suffer while they are being gassed. Citing evidence from a particularly efficient chamber that separates animals and uses sufficiently high gas concentrations doesn't automatically translate to other chambers and the people who operate them.

Physical evidence regarding animals' bodies and the forensic situation inside gas chambers after they are opened has repeatedly proven that the "peaceful falling asleep" story is not true.

Shelter Reform believes that sensationalism only works against reform, and that the truth is more than adequate to justify ending the use of gas chambers.

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