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Hempstead, New York

This page offers independent information about the Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York
(not to be confused with the Town of North Hempstead's Animal Shelter).

Shelter Reform has received negative reports from rescuers about this shelter, reports that are currently being verified and which will form the supporting foundation of an important Shelter Reform press release currently under development.

A significant part of the press release will deal with budget anomalies: the official 2010 city budget for Hempstead bristles with items crying out for explanation and justification, especially in light of the poor performance this shelter delivers to those who support it with their taxpayer dollars.

Stand by as this page develops! We hope to have the press release out by mid-July, 2010, once we have sufficient numbers of witnesses who realize that their silence and fear of retaliation serve only to enable the shelter to keep operating as it does. We at Shelter Reform often se
e the vicious circle in which the impounded animals become hostages, so that the silence of witnesses is the form the "hush money" takes that total prevents the status quo from EVER being reformed. Reformers must be willing to take one step backward in order to then take three steps forward. Until that happens, a bad shelter will continue to deteriorate. There is no easy way out -- but there IS a way out. Once we have enough eyewitness support, the process can begin in earnest in Hempstead, New York as it has in other cities.


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